Floor Laser Level

1.Two horizontal lines and two vertical lines;
2.Each laser line presents a 360°emission,with the rotating window cover,it can realize no blind angle construction;
3.The horizontal line is 15mm to the ground and the vertical line is 7mm to the wall.



In the realm of precision tools, a ceiling laser level stands out as an indispensable asset for anyone striving for accuracy and efficiency in construction and renovation projects.

Understanding the mechanics behind a ceiling laser level is crucial to appreciating its value. This innovative tool projects a laser beam onto surfaces, providing a perfectly level line across walls and ceilings. By emitting a highly visible beam, it enables precise alignment of fixtures, tiles, and fittings with unmatched accuracy.

The versatility of a ceiling laser level extends across various industries and project types. From installing drop ceilings and partition walls to aligning piping and electrical fixtures, this tool ensures every element is positioned flawlessly. In residential settings, it simplifies tasks like hanging light fixtures or aligning shelves with professional-grade precision.

Model Number QDY-4D
Accuracy ±1mm@5m
Auto-Leveling Range ±3°
Self-leveling time <5s
Light source 520nm
Power >5mW
Power supply 4000mA
Working temperature -0°C~+40°C
Storage temperature -20°C~+60°C

Floor level laser is a kind of compact device that emits highly visible laser lines across horizontal surfaces, creating a level reference point.

They are essential for tasks like installing flooring, aligning cabinets, or setting up shelving. These tools provide accuracy, efficiency, and consistency, eliminating the need for traditional bubble levels or string lines.

Applications of  Floor Level Laser

  1. Flooring Installation: Ensuring levelness for tile, hardwood, or laminate flooring.
  2. Cabinet Alignment: Aligning kitchen or bathroom cabinets accurately.
  3. Wall Framing: Ensuring walls are plumb and level during construction.
  4. Ceiling Installation: Assisting in drop ceiling installations.
  5. Shelving and Racking: Aligning shelves and racks evenly in storage areas.